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When it comes to packing for a long bike tour it’s all about minimizing the weight and trying to find as durable stuff as possible. At least relatively. Because even though you get the most expensive tent there is you can’t be sure it will survive a bike tour through Africa. You easily transform into a really nerdy person when you start counting every gram in your equipment. Therefore the best thing is to just start biking, because once you’re out on the road you stop bothering about what you brought or not. And in most cases you’ll also be able to find what you ”need” along the way.

My equipment is organized in the usual bicycle touring manner; like a mobile house with each pannier/bag representing one room (under condition that you’ve got a walk in closet). So:

Left back pannier = wardrobe
Right back pannier = bedroom
Left front pannier = kitchen
Right front pannier = atelier
Handlebar bag = office

Bicycle accessories
Back panniers – Ortlieb classic back roller x2
Front panniers – Ortlieb/Rosebike front roller x2
Handlebar bag – Ortlieb/Rosebike Ultimate handlebar 5
Helmet – Otto (Thanks to Värnhems cyklar!)
Locks – cable + solid from ”Biltema”
Inner tubes x2
Toolkit with the most necessary stuff

Tent – Snugpak Ionosphere 1p
Sleeping bag – Syntetsäck från Haglöfs
Foam mat – Thermarest ZLite Cascade design
Pillow – cheap air cushion from Quechua, Decathlon
Silk travel sheet

Basic stove with solid fuel (temporarily – but at least works for instant coffee)
Plastic boxes
Spork and classic swedish ”kåsa”
;Salt & pepper
Habanero sauce & chili flakes – essential

Travel towel, Decathlon
Tooth brush + dental paste
Solid shampoo, Lush
Ear plugs (obs! very important in my world)
Deodorant, home made (baking soda + coconut oil etc.)
Malaria medicine, Lariam
Washing powder

Immunization card
EU health insurance card
Dollar bills + euro bills

Everyday shoes – my old and used Nike free 4.0
Bicycle shoes with SPD cleats – Decathlon
Bicycle pants
Shorts – Marmot Lobos
Cotton tights
Rain-/shell jacket – Haglöfs
Wool sweater, old
Shirt – Marmot Joanna long sleeve
Underpants and socks for 1 week
Warm wool socks
Thin balaclava helmet

Mobile phone – i-phone 4 + international SIM-card
GPS/Satellit device – Delorme Inreach Explorer
Go Pro 2
Ipad 2, for blogging
Old ipod fully charged with nice music and podcasts

Slackline, primitive
Note book + pen
Sun glasses
Sun protection
Pocket books for giving away/changing along the way