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I’m Zelda Tufvesson, a 23 year old bike lover from Sweden.

I’ve been searching for adventures since the age of 16, when me and my 43 class mates sailed across the Atlantic ocean onboard a three-masted ship, T/S Gunilla. At that time, I had just moved from the little village where I grew up to start college in a new town. During college we did three long journeys where we spent in total six months onboard the ship. Life at sea was both tough and amazing in the same time.

I got my first touring experience last summer (2014) when me and my traveling buddy Erik biked from Sweden northern Spain. That tour made me longing for more, and in may 2015 I decided to take a pause from my studies (in french and political science) at Lund university and leave Sweden for my most adventurous bike journey so far.

The 1st of september I’m packing my bike for a tour from Sweden towards Cape Town. Due to last minute changes of plans, I’ll start without traveling buddy and hit the european roads alone. I’m searching for a partner/partners before going to Africa though, and hopefully I’ve already managed ensured that important part.

When I’m not on one of my beloved bikes, I just enjoy life in Malmö in the south of Sweden – spending time with friends, eating falafel and climbing in trees or on walls.