New continent, new family

We are in Cairo! And this time the ”we” does not only include my bicycle and me, but also my two cycling companions Sam and Tom. We got in contact with each other through a website for touring cyclists, called warmshowers. They are both from England and have know eachother since they were kids. Sam, who’s the most experienced touring cyclist among us, has previously been out cycling for 6 months in Asia and also done shorter tours in eastern Europe. Tom is still quite green when it comes to touring experience, but that is soon going to change. They had decided to start crossing the african continent more or less in the same time as I have been planning to reach Cairo. As I absolutely want company for biking in Africa, I was lucky to get the chance to join Sam and Tom in Cairo!

We have now spent almost three days at our hostel in this enormous city, and we are all keen on actually starting cycling. If everything goes as planned we will leave Cairo tomorrow morning. Can you imagine that only this city (with over 20 million people) is about 2,5 the size of Sweden? Right now I’m sitting on the balcony here at the hostel listening to an orchestra of horns blowing and people shouting in the streets below be. Cycling through the city to get to the Giza pyramids yesterday was for sure a whole new experience! But I assure you we will take care. And this far I am convinced that we are going to be a good team. I hope my english cycling mates agree!