Changed plans but still going strong

So, the last three days have been quite messy. First a bit stressful, of course, since my bags and portable home needed some preparation before being ready to hit the roads. Also because of the unexpected last minute decision that my planned travelling buddy made when he realized he rather wanted to go alone than with me. I won’t explain all of his reasons here, but after all this was probably the best for us both! It’s easy to understand why so many touring cyclists choose to travel solo. Spending your time 24/7 with somebody is a challenge in itself. Even though you can’t ignore the fact that having a companion (or a few companions) can be really helpful in many situations! Not to mention the social part – it could also save some cyclists from getting crazy (/crazier) when spending way too much time with their own minds! 

But, back to the actual plan. After a nice bike ride to Trelleborg – in company with some happy friends – this morning I’m safely onboard a ferry that’s going to take me and my beloved bike Link to Rostock. From Rostock I’ll continue down through Germany, direction south. Then Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and so on all the way to Greece and Athens. Since I’m now travelling solo Athens is the first goal. If I then choose to continue to Africa now depends of me getting companionship or not. I’m already in contact with 2 touring cyclists who plan to start from Cairo beginning of october. If everything turns out to the best, we might meet up there to bike together through Africa. If not, I’ll stick to a safer plan B. But for now, I’ll focus on Europe. Time will tell!